As you are all no doubt aware, the government are removing the vast majority of legal restrictions in relation to Covid. I also hardly need to remind you that we are still in the midst of the pandemic and I am sure everyone has been impacted on in some way, be it having to self-isolate due to being pinged, or having children sent home from school as a result of an outbreak. In addition, we have had a couple of cases recently where we have had to invoke our test and trace protocols as a result of athletes testing positive having recently been at training. In both cases, I am pleased to say that the persons concerned have made a full recovery and as a result of the precautions we take at training, nobody from the affected training groups had to self-isolate as a result of being a close-contact.

The recent positive cases and the increasing level of infections serve as a reminder that we still need to be cautious particularly with the restrictions being relaxed. With this in mind, we have reviewed our current protocols and the following will apply as of Monday 19th July.

There will be no change to current training timetable.

The existing timetable which reduces the number of groups on the site at any one time will be retained for the rest of the Summer. We will review our plans as we go into the Autumn.

The training registers will continue to be retained.

These are still needed for test and trace purposes and to record attendance for payment of training fees. We are still looking at other options as an alternative to the current monthly billing process and we’ll keep you updated.

Parents/carers may now come onto the site to watch training.

Until now we have restricted access to parents etc, initially in line with England Athletics guidance and more recently when this guidance was changed, we continued to restrict access in order to keep a control on numbers on the site to reduce the risks and for test and trace purposes. We took this step reluctantly as we know how important our parents and families are in support of our athletes, and the wider club as a community. The last thing we wanted to do was prevent parents from watching training and being involved in the club and I hope you understand the reasons for our decision. With the relaxation of restrictions I am delighted that we can welcome you back if you now wish to attend rather than just drop off as you have been doing.

If you are spectating at training parents and others are asked not to congregate outside the clubhouse as this area is in use by athletes both before and during training.

There is plenty of space around the site including the seating on the home straight. We would ask that you continue to observe social distancing to reduce the risks of close contact.

There is no formal requirement for face masks to be worn on entry to site etc. However, we would encourage members/spectators to do so as this will offer protection to others as well as themselves.

We feel this is a prudent step considering the majority of those who use the track are in the age groups with the highest infection rates and also that many of our athletes will be unvaccinated as they are under 18. Individual coaches will have discretion as to whether their group wears masks or not and of course any individual may elect to wear them. This is in line with the governments line on caution and individual responsibility.

For now, the Clubhouse is to remain closed except for toilets – subject to any return to the provision of refreshments which is under review.

This is to reduce the risk infection by limiting the use of enclosed spaces. As with everything else, we will be constantly reviewing this especially as we approach the autumn when the weather will change.

There will be no need for one way system to continue re toilets but everyone (athletes/parents etc) is requested to wear masks inside the building.

The numbers likely to be using the toilets at any one time will be low so it is felt that the wearing of a mask is sufficient to minimise the risk at this time.

Whilst there is no requirement to maintain social distancing, coaches will continue to encourage it to reduce any risk of transmission or being considered a close contact.

Again, it seems prudent to maintain our protocols to minimize the risks even though we are outside where the risks are significantly lower.

We will continue to keep training groups separate where possible again to reduce risk and being hit for close contacts.

This is in line with the continuation of the current timetable for sessions.

Everyone (athletes/coaches/parents etc) is encouraged to maintain hand sanitising and cleaning regimes.

It goes without saying that we should continue with using sanitiser etc to reduce the risk of infection to ourselves and each other. m

A reminder that individuals should not turn up to any athletics or running environment (club, coached or competition) if displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

There is an emphasis on personal responsibility for reducing risk which we ask all members to remember.

Please contact your coach if you have any questions or concerns.

With the Government’s Covid roadmap now published we are now back at the track and on the roads training.

All club sessions are Covid-secure, which helps protect you but also means we’re not fully back to normal as there are several guidelines and some restrictions in place including:

  • Limited group sizes for track and field and road runners
  • Limited number of groups/athletes on the track at the same time
  • One way system at the track
  • Maintaining distance during training and competition
  • No spectators at the track unless there is an athlete with specific needs where we can discuss arrangements
  • Wearing of masks on entry to and exit from track as well as at other times as agreed
  • Sanitising of hands on entry and exit
  • Sanitising of equipment
  • Not attending training and notifying your coach if you are showing symptoms or isolating
  • Coaches and athletes ensuring there is a complete training register at every session so contact tracing can take place
  • Notifying your coach if you have tested positive for Covid so we can get in touch those people you might have been in close contact with

Above all – please follow any safety guidance and instructions from your coach or the club – this will help keep us all safe and help keep the group training going.

Please contact your coach if you have any questions or concerns.

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